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Corazón Board of Directors


Ari Rosen

A native of Ukiah, Ari and his wife Dawnelise founded Corazón Healdsburg because of a missing piece of the community he observed in his role as a chef and restaurateur. As a psychology major at Brown University Ari planned to work in medicine, however after college he landed a job working in Italy for three years where he got his professional start. His love of restaurants is rooted in a belief that they are a vehicle that strengthens human spirit and ultimately community. While living in Healdsburg Ari and his wife Dawnelise identified a cultural and racial divide that they wanted to address. In 2008 when they opened their first restaurant Scopa, they realized that they had created a platform to begin their community work. Ari serves as a board member of Corazón and resides in Healdsburg with his wife and two children.

Ariel Kelley

Ariel was Corazón Healdsburg’s interim CEO before passing the baton to Glaydon de Freitas in the fall of 2020. She was recently elected to the Healdsburg City Council. In the aftermath of the 2017 Tubbs fire, Ariel founded the Healdsburg Free Store, providing much-needed items to individuals and families. In recognition of this work, Ariel and other community leaders were awarded a $1 million prize from the Ellen show, which they used to create the Kinder2College Fund. She previously served as a Sonoma County Planning Commissioner and Healdsburg Parks and Recreation Commissioner. An attorney by training, Ariel holds both a law degree and MBA.

Ashley Mauritson

Ashley Mauritson lives in Healdsburg with her husband Cameron and three children, who are seventh-generation Healdsburg residents. Ashley owns her own event planning business based in Healdsburg and is involved in several local organizations. Ashley received her BS in Communication from the University of California at Santa Barbara. While in college Ashley studied abroad in Siena Italy. In Italy, Ashley participated in a local ESL program teaching English to local Italian students. Ashley began her career in San Francisco managing corporate events throughout Northern California. After returning to Healdsburg in 2012 following her wedding, Ashley joined her family winery, expanding her knowledge of the wine industry. In 2016, Ashley launched Ashley Mauritson Events focusing on private events in Healdsburg and collaborating with local organizations that she is passionate about. Ashley also serves as a board member at Farm to Pantry, a local Healdsburg non-profit organization.

Bridget Doherty

Bridget Doherty is the driving force behind Encore Events Rentals as the managing co-owner and serving as its President. After graduating from University of Southern California in 2000, Bridget took over the family business. What began in Petaluma was soon expanded as Bridget was eager to grow the inventory and services offered. Her ambition resulted in Encore’s largest showroom and warehouse, currently operating out of Healdsburg and serving as Bridget’s primary location since 2010. On top of managing Encore Events Rentals, Bridget is also co-owner of Cal-West Rentals and is a former member of the Board of Directors for Summit State Bank, as the first woman appointed to the bank's board. Bridget will tell you that she’s all about teamwork and supporting her community. When she’s not busy engaging in both, you can bet she’s out enjoying a favorite local eatery with a glass of bubbly alongside good friends or seizing an opportunity to continue her travels around the globe.

Carlos Carrera

Vice Chair
Carlos moved from the San Diego area to Santa Rosa in 2008 to continue his criminal defense investigator career at the Office of the Sonoma County Public Defender. He has been a Healdsburg resident for over nine years. Carlos has served for multiple years as a board member of the California Defense Investigators Association and also as an instructor in his profession. He also volunteers as a reading tutor for primary school students in the United Way Schools of Hope Program year after year. Carlos commenced community volunteering as an adult by participating in the Big Brother program while in his first year of college. He strongly believes that through unity and local service to the underserved, we can all gain the genuine satisfaction that this delivers and also, celebrate the great results that stem from sprout to flourish due to our active involvement.

Dawnelise Regnery Rosen

Dawnelise grew up in San Diego California with a passion for Latin culture and was raised in a family centered around social and global justice. Both of Dawnelise’s parents were members of Beyond War and her mother helped run the San Diego based (ADL) Anti-Defamation League. When she was 16 she spent a year abroad in Malaga, Spain which further fueled her love for language and culture all the way through Humboldt University where she graduated with a BA in Spanish. She went on to help run national sales for Iron Horse Winery and eventually opening two restaurants with her husband and Corazón co-founder. In 2008, Dawnelise and Ari began fundraising to launch what would later be called “Corazón” by hosting an annual dinner for social justice on Martin Luther King day. The goal was to raise enough funds to create a vehicle to strengthen the voice of the latino community. In November of 2016 their grass roots effort finally paid off, Corazón opened their doors and the real work began.

Doug Provisor

A Los Angeles native, Doug and his wife Susan moved to Healdsburg over 20 years ago. With a background in music technology, he helped usher in the modern era of computer use in music and sound production in the recording industry, film, television and radio. Passionate about the Healdsburg community and wanting to give back, Doug was inspired by Ari and Dawnelise’s vision for Corazón, and today more than ever. Ever a small town, Doug, Susan and Kismet live just 5 minutes from Corazón Headquarters.

Jorge Flores

Jorge was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico and moved to Healdsburg at age 14. He struggled to learn English and was at-risk of falling in with the wrong crowd of friends and failing in school. Due to strong mentors and teachers, he was able to graduate from Healdsburg high school in 2005 and later found his passion for cooking. After becoming the executive chef of Bear Republic Brewing Company, Jorge wanted to give back to the community and work to support mentorship and education, which kept him on his positive path. In his spare time Jorge enjoys classic cars and is an enthusiastic supporter of the Oakland Raiders football team.

Jimmy Sanchez

Jimmy Sanchez was born and raised in Healdsburg and currently lives in Windsor with his wife Lily and son Landon. Jimmy witnessed his parents, who immigrated from Mexico, come from nothing to now living the American dream when they opened Taqueria El Sombrero in 1986. Jimmy studied business at Santa Rosa Junior College and holds a degree in Human Resources. Today, Jimmy is the general manager for his parents’ restaurant, which he hopes to take over once they retire. After the recent birth of his child, Jimmy quickly realized he didn’t want his son to struggle the same way he did growing up. This is why he wants to give back to his community through being on the board of Corazón and will stress the importance of education early-on to kids and their parents. In his spare time Jimmy enjoys golfing, watching sports, and is a die hard San Francisco Giants and 49ers fan.

Kevin Deas

Kevin Deas was born and raised in Healdsburg and part of a family that has been in town since his great grandfather. Kevin briefly left Healdsburg to attend college in New Orleans before returning to work for his family’s business EandM, where he serves as the Facilities Manager for the company. Kevin’s role includes construction project management and he is currently pursuing a MS in Construction Management through a distance program at Louisiana State University. Kevin’s desire to serve stems from his experience in the bilingual program from kindergarten through the sixth grade in the Healdsburg public schools, which provided him the opportunity to meet kids from all walks of life and to forge relationships that would carry through until today. In the years during and after this bilingual program, Kevin became aware of "gaps" in the community. He wants to help bridge those gaps in our community and Corazón offers a place, a structure, and a community that wants to do the same.

Marci Ellison

Marci Ellison, is a native of Santa Monica, California and has lived in San Francisco while working for the fashion company Esprit de Corps. After her time with Esprit, Marci moved to Southern Chile where she designed and renovated buildings and ranches associated with the largest private land conservation effort in South America. She moved to Healdsburg with her husband in 1996, had a daughter, and started a design/build construction business. In that profession, she works side by side on a daily basis with many members of the Latino community. She has supported Corazón from its beginning in many ways including the design and renovation of the Corazón office.

Tom Gore

Tom Gore was born and raised in Sonoma County, specifically in Healdsburg, Cloverdale, and Santa Rosa. He is the Director of Sonoma Vineyards for Constellation Brands, where he farms 1,500 acres of wine grapes all over Sonoma County and farms his own vineyards in Hopland and Ukiah. Tom has worked in vineyards for most of his life and is fluent in Spanish. He is passionate about the bridges that are built through Corazón with our diverse community members. Tom is a product of Sonoma County Public Schools and attended Cal Poly University.


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