- Food Access Working Group -

In Sonoma County, 45% of adults and 80% of children are affected by food insecurity. In a rich and prosperous agricultural community, where we can grow our own food –there is no excuse to let so many go hungry.  


In 2016, Corazón conducted a survey and found that Healdsburg residents ranked food insecurity and lack of access to healthy options or fresh produce as their most pressing issue, second only to housing affordability. 


To address this need head-on, we gathered all of the local providers and organizations working on food access around the same table. We took inventory of existing infrastructure, assets, and distribution sites to help us identify where the gaps exist in our community


From this effort, the Food Access Working Group was born. We meet monthly with several agencies and organizations in our community that work with at-risk populations on issues such as hunger, nutrition, and food access. 

- Programs -


In partnership with the Redwood Empire Food Bank and the City of Healdsburg, Corazón launched the Groceries-to-Go food distribution program at the Healdsburg Community Center. Typically taking place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, Corazón is distributing food to over 300 families per month. Taking place from 12 to 1 pm, rain or shine, anyone in need of access to groceries and food staples is welcome to come by and get food. There are no income or residency requirements! Please come by and check out the food distribution site on the blacktop along the edge of the baseball field.

Food For Free Flyer

As part of our interagency cooperation, Corazón updates and distributes the Food for Free flyer quarterly in both English and Spanish by Corazón. This flyer is a compiled list of every free food opportunity in Healdsburg.

- Partners -


We are thrilled to be partnering with the School Garden Network, Redwood Empire Food Bank, Farm to Pantry, Healdsburg Farmer's Market and Healdsburg Shared Ministries.

- Goals -

Food Security

Residents are food secure and have access to sufficient affordable, healthy, fresh, and culturally appropriate food, as well as the knowledge of and access to CALFresh assistance. 

Food and Agricultural Literacy

Residents of all ages are agriculture and food literate. Community members have awareness of personal, local and global implications of their food choices.

Increasing Demand for Locally Produced and Grown Food

The demand for healthy, locally produced food is increased.

Community Connectedness

The voices in our community are represented at this table so our work is inclusive,culturally responsive, and effective.

If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up at www.corazonhealdsburg.org/get_involved

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