Kinder2College Fund

Children from low-income households with college savings from $1-499 are 3x more likely to attend college and 4x more likely to graduate than low-income children who do not have savings accounts for higher education.

Research shows that the expectations of children and young adults have a strong impact on whether or not they attend college. Saving for college helps children see themselves as someone who is college-bound.  It is with this meaningful research in mind that the Healdsburg Kinder2College Fund was formed.

Kinder2College Fund

The Healdsburg Kinder2College Fund (K2C) is a college savings initiative launched by members of the Healdsburg Community in partnership with Corazón Healdsburg. This innovative investment in the children of Northern Sonoma County provides students in kindergarten through third grade with a College Savings Account (CSA) with up to $500.


Program Eligibility:
  1. Grade Levels: Kindergarten - Third Grade
  2. School Districts: Healdsburg, West Side, Alexander Valley, Geyserville and Cloverdale
  3. Student must receive Free/Reduced Lunch
(Corazón can still help open a ScholarShare529 Account without incentives for those who do not qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch)
Program Incentives:

- $200 Deposit - Open a K2C Account and an Individual Account with a First Deposit
- $100 Deposit - Three Deposits of Any Value for 1 Year
- $100 Deposit - Parent Workshops, Potluck, and Exploration Workshop Attendance ($20 for each workshop)
- $100 Deposit - Third Grade Graduation and Reading Incentive (Visit school/local library and read 10 or more books in third grade!)


Thank you for your support