Moms To Moms Prenatal Education

Moms to Moms Prenatal Education

The Moms to Moms prenatal program is designed to help expecting mothers prepare for parenthood while bringing together members of the community under the common theme of motherhood. Moms to Moms is a partnership between Alliance Medical Center, Corazón Healdsburg and the Healdsburg Moms Group.

Alliance provides a series of multi-week prenatal, birthing, lactation and peer-to-peer support classes for expecting mothers in their third trimester. At the completion of the program, fellow moms in the community host a group baby shower for those who graduate from the program. These baby showers take place five times throughout the year and are a joyful celebration while also giving necessary items to moms in need, including a new infant car seat to each mom from Alliance Medical Center and a safe sleeping bassinet box from the Baby Box Company.

The baby showers engage volunteers to collect and wrap gifts, cook food, decorate the party room, drive gifts to the shower, and more. If you are interested in volunteering on an upcoming baby shower, please visit our Take action page to sign up. If you would like to purchase a gift for one of our current moms please visit our online wish list:


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