New Office Administrator Joins the Team / Una nueva administradora de oficina se incorpora a nuestro

Updated: Mar 1


Meet Erika Malfavón-Álvarez, Corazón Healdsburg’s new office administrator. Erika is an efficiency pro and a fan of a well-organized calendar. She uses three: a large wall calendar, a print agenda and her online calendar, which she always keeps up-to-date and can easily access on her phone. All three are color-coded, of course!

Erika will be supporting the growing staff with operations management, written policies, program structures and more. “My job is to make everyone else’s roles easier so they can provide their services and resources to our community,” she says.

Throughout her career, Erika has mostly worked in the nonprofit sector, including the Early Learning Institute as an early intervention specialist, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America as a program coordinator and the Child Parent Institute (formerly California Parenting Institute) as a program assistant and intake coordinator. Erika has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Sonoma State University and is currently working towards her master's degree in organizational development at the University of San Francisco.

Originally from Cotija de la Paz, Michoacán, Mexico, Erika came to Sonoma County with her family at age 13. She said her perfectionist mindset pushed her to hone her English skills as soon as she arrived, practicing her pronunciation by watching American movies. She first learned about Corazón while evacuated to Windsor with her family during the 2017 fires. When she discovered the range of services and support that Corazón provides, she was inspired. “A lot of these resources and programs were things that my family could have benefited from when we came here,” she says. “I knew I wanted to work for an organization like that.”

Erika currently lives in Santa Rosa with her parents and two sisters, all under the same roof for the first time in years due to COVID-19. She says she and her family make a point of having dinner together at least once a week and are really valuing the time togeth