Programs & Services


Holistic and Family-Centered Case Management

We want to assist our most vulnerable clients and their families with their most immediate needs, but also assist and coach the served individuals and families to be self-sustainable and self-reliant. Instead of serving the client once, we will assess their needs in different dimensions (health, finance, education, housing, etc.), identify the most impactful interventions, make successful internal and external referrals, and, in partnership with the client, develop a long-term or short-term plan of care to overcome the barriers that leave them vulnerable.
Referrals (internal and/or external) will be successful if THEY ARE relevant and cohesive to the client’s plan of care.


  • Family-centered coaching
  • Direct financial assistance
  • Wrap-around services
  • Referrals to partner agencies

Academic Development Support for Children and Youth

We want to support every young person in need to build a strong foundation to prepare for and complete the highest level of postsecondary education or training to achieve their career goals. We want to incentivize and nurture the college going and/or career development culture in our community by offering to children, youth, and their parents the support they need throughout their whole academic life (from prenatal care through their first year of college) for them to be able to make informed decisions and to overcome inequities created by the racial/economic/social divides.


  • Mi Bebé y Yo (prenatal education and support)
  • Kinder2College Fund
  • Early childhood education
  • Afterschool programming
  • FirstGen College Counseling
  • Parent support and advocacy

Community Building Anchored in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We create opportunities to bring the community together by facilitating spaces, events, forums, trainings, and discussions where the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion is celebrated, cross-cultural and cross-racial connections are enabled, and the sharing-bread value is intentionally cultivated to decrease the negative impact of racism, cultural prejudice and misunderstandings. We support Latin American leaders who strengthen the community fabric, elevating and amplifying their voices to promote an equitable northern Sonoma County for all.


  • Cultural and educational events
  • Community forums
  • Neighborhood gardens
  • Comité (Spanish-language monthly leadership meeting)
  • Promotoras (mutual aid leaders)
  • Housing advocacy

Life Skills and Wellbeing Training Center

We offer adults workshops and courses relevant to workforce development (technical skills, professional development), on subjects that are essential to navigate the complicated U.S. bureaucratic system (taxes, immigration, adult education, banking, building credit) and also on topics that are important to improve quality of life (healthy habits, wellbeing, etc.)


  • Financial literacy 
  • Disaster Resiliency
  • Adult education
  • Citizenship courses
  • Mental health and wellness workshops


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