Mission Statement

Corazón Healdsburg is a mission-driven human-rights organization that believes in human dignity and human rights. As Aristotle has been telling us for more than two thousand years, justice is only achieved when we have equality. According to him “There is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals.” People should be treated equitably and ethically, given their individual needs and circumstances, and the differences between people should be recognized and valued, not diminished. Our community is not demanding too much. We just want a compassionate and just community.

For this reason, through our participatory process, we decided that Our mission is to build a compassionate and just community by empowering and dignifying individuals and families, advocating against injustices, and uniting people to celebrate diversity.



Marcy Flores

Executive Director
Marcy specializes in supporting the youngest of our clients (and their families!) and oversees our academic development initiatives. These include our prenatal education and support program, infant and toddler early childhood education, Libros y Raíces early literacy program, the Kinder2College Fund, after-school programs, and FirstGen College Counseling. Before joining our team, Marcy worked for various Sonoma County school districts, served on the Hispanic Chamber Young Professionals Committee, and taught ballet folklórico classes. Marcy was born and raised in Geyserville and studied Chicano and Latino Studies and Early Childhood Education at Sonoma State University.

Ana ruiz

Data systems coordinator
Through her role as our data systems coordinator, Ana works to ensure the integrity of Corazón’s data and to support the administration of the organization's Salesforce database. She is a first-generation immigrant raised in Healdsburg and was inspired to serve her community with her passion for data after taking ethnic studies courses as a student at Sonoma State University. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in American Multicultural Studies.

Bianca Calderon

College and Career Prep Program Manager
Bianca leads Corazon’s Healdsburg’s College and Career Preparation program. She came to Corazón after eight years as a pre-admissions counselor at Sonoma State University, where she helped increase enrollment of a more diverse student body that included low-income, first-generation and ethnically diverse students. Bianca is a first-generation American, and she has a master's degree from Sonoma State in education and a bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice studies from the same school.
Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres Rosales

Family Advisor
Carlos Torres Rosales was born and raised in Healdsburg and is a graduate of Healdsburg High School. Currently studying business at the Santa Rosa Junior College, Carlos previously worked with Corazón's teen programming and has been actively serving the community since 2019 when he first started working with Healdsburg Community Services. As the child of immigrant parents who work in the local agriculture and food service industries, Carlos sees his own family in the individuals and families working with Corazón’s Family Resource Center. In his spare time, Carlos enjoys playing soccer and being active outdoors and spending time with his dog.

Caroline Rodriguez Gonzalez

Early Childhood Development Coordinator
Caroline is expanding our early childhood development programs and services to support the academic development of children from prenatal through five years of age. She joined Corazón with 14 years of experience working for several different nonprofit organizations in Sonoma County supporting parents by coaching them through the most important years of child development. Her own son inspires her dream that all children grow up in strong families with unconditional love. Caroline grew up in Healdsburg, and has a degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She is currently studying to complete her bachelor’s degree in sociology.

Cristal López Pardo

Family Resource Center Manager
Cristal works to elevate and amplify the Latin-American voice and to transform this voice into actions aimed to change racist customs and adversarial policies in our community. She was raised in Healdsburg, and has nearly a decade of work experience in social justice activism and serving the local community. Cristal is a trustee for the Healdsburg Unified School District and the creator of the “Que Pasa en Healdsburg?” Facebook group. Cristal has two bachelor’s degrees from Sonoma State University—one in sociology and another in Chicane Latine Studies.

Erica Gutierrez

Manager of Community Engagement
Erica coordinates our volunteer corps, supporting community members as they work together to achieve our mission and forge new relationships with each other. She started out with Corazón as a volunteer herself, and managed our Free Store after the Kincade Fire in 2019. It was in this role that she discovered her passion for serving the community. Erica was born in Willits and grew up splitting time between Northern California and Tepatitlán de Morelos in Jalisco, where she attended high school. She has six children and currently lives in Healdsburg.

Holly Fox

Communications Specialist
Holly loves telling true stories about incredible people driving powerful changes in our community. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University, and a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley.

Lesley Ferreira

Family Advisor
As a family advisor, Lesley works closely with individuals and families in the community. She partners with them to make meaningful changes in their lives. Lesley was born and raised in Healdsburg and is a first-generation college graduate. Her family is an inspiration for her in her efforts to create positive change and greater equality in northern Sonoma County.

Monica Figueroa

Family Advisor

Sandra Jojoa

Childcare Provider
Sandra is originally from Colombia. She’s married and has three children and one grandchild. Ever since she can remember, she has felt a deep and innate love for children, who she considers her little teachers. Sanda studies early childhood development at the Santa Rosa Junior College and has worked with children for almost 20 years.


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