Corazón's Mission Statement

“Our mission is to build a compassionate and just community by empowering and dignifying individuals and families, advocating against injustices, and uniting people to celebrate diversity.”

Value Creation

Our mission statement challenges us to do three things to build a compassionate and just community: empower individuals and families with dignity; advocate against injustices and unite people to celebrate diversity.

Our internal cohesiveness as an organization is the foundation for this work and these values.

These four independent but still harmonious value creation dimensions are the ways that we create value through our work.


Individual Empowerment

We create value when we empower vulnerable individuals and families in need to become self-sustainable and self-reliant, with initiatives that will improve well-being, self-esteem, and dignity.


Collective Empowerment

We create value when we actively stand up against injustices and advocate for human rights, amplifying the voice of the Latin-American community to transform unjust systems.

Community Strengthening

We create value when we facilitate opportunities to bring individuals and families with different backgrounds together to cultivate relationships in order to achieve a shared understanding of the importance of diversity, inclusiveness, and equality.

Corazón Cohesiveness

We create value when we have a passionate and competent team, a diverse and engaged board, a clean structure, strong partnerships and when we deliver our services in the most impactful and resource-conscient manner.

Core Values

For us to implement the strategy, we need to have fundamentals of character and ethics. Corazón’s core values are celebrated and lived on a daily basis.

Human Dignity: All people hold a special value!
Compassion: We suffer together!
Empowerment: We are protagonists of our own life!
Impact: We promote change!
Integrity: We are ethical!




Thank you for your support